KingBrooch has sold thousands of Brooches on top rated selling websites. Although these are a great platform, the fees and cost of doing business on the websites is sometimes up to 30% of your profit leaving us and many other sellers have opted to operating their own website. We still sell on these websites to gain future business.We can now offer even better pricing than we already had and offer the same great secure experience that the big guys websites offer. The same quality products and better pricing! It’s a Win Win for you!
Free Shipping- MANY of our products offer FREE SHIPPING to the continental US. Other small items have a small shipping charge.
Our business is Brooches and we have all of the latest designs for current and past champions and your favorite teams!
Safe and Secure Shopping- Our website is secure and all transactions are through secure connected pay websites such as Paypal and Stripe.
Great Prices- We can offer better pricing than retailers that sell on websites such as eBay, Bonanza or other selling websites. The fees and costs associated with using these websites cause businesses to charge more for thier products.
Factory Direct- Our company deals directly with the manufacturer and all items are made to order for us. We buy direct at low bulk pricing and offer the savings back to the customers. We are also involved in day to day manufacturing operations and custom Brooches as well.
Experienced and Top Rated Sellers- We have sold thousands of Brooches and more throughout the past 9 years to happy customers worldwide.
Satisfaction Guaranteed- We want satisfied customers and we will assist you in any way we can to make you happy.